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The ultimate aim of this website is to bring together all operational social enterprises in Africa in a bid to create awareness, encourage involvement in these projects and set the pace in the general community development. It is our desire that the society will stop looking at social enterprises as charitable institutions that are dependent on the philanthropy of the west and instead recognize them as important ventures that can be started and run by the locals.   We also hope that this site will lead to an increase in the number of viable and beneficial social enterprises in Africa.

Social enterprises encourage and promote development by placing emphasis on the following key pillars:

  • Tapping the potential inherent in the arid and marginalized areas.
  • Utilizing and empowering untapped human resource that is available in these areas.
  • Optimal use of locally available resources
  • Being of service to the minority groups, the poor and the disabled
  • Creation of adequate job opportunities
  • Equal distribution of resources and wealth
  • Maximum use of funds set aside for development

The website provides a comprehensive directory of social enterprises with specific details on the location, activities and scope. We have classified the enterprises on the basis of their area of specialization; from sports to agriculture, arts and crafts, energy, fashion, health, sanitation and many more.

Africa Social enterprise is an initiative of Venture Kenya. Venture Kenya sponsors and initiates various youth projects to encourage a spirit of entrepreneurship among the young people in Kenya.

Venture Kenya also partners with many individuals who share the interest of helping African communities. Ms. Lauren Heath is such a partner. She is one of the founders of Africa social enterprise and played a pivotal role in getting the project started. Lauren is currently attending Texas A&M University in the USA and has partnered with Venture Kenya because of a shared vision and experience in this area.

Ms. Heath has had a long association with African communities and sponsors an orphan in Uganda through an organization called Grace International Children’s Foundation.

We would like to encourage you to partner us in our noble mission. If there are ventures you would like to see listed on our site feel free to contact us via our contact form.  We would also appreciate your feedback on what you think about the site, what areas should we improve on? We look forward to working with you towards the betterment of our African society.